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The 4 Most Asked Questions about Eyelash Extensions Service!

When someone looks at you for the first time, their eyes go naturally to your eyes and vice versa. And this is why stunning lash extensions are one of the most trending options for many women. This technique can give you long-lasting, hassle-free results.

And imagine after you wake up and look in the mirror and find out that your lashes need no touch-up. Sounds perfect? So, if you want to invest in eyelash extensions service in Perth, you should clarify all your doubts. So, check out some common FAQs about eyelash extension.

Common FAQ Regarding Eyelash Extension Service

No one wants to start their morning by fixing lashes, especially when they are busy. So, they opt for lash extension. So, if you are also thinking about doing the same, read the following FAQ to clarify all your doubts.

1. Is Lash Lift Different from Lash Extension?

Yes, there are a lot of differences between these two techniques.

A lash lift doesn’t require any synthetic lashes. It is the augmentation of your natural lashes. But a lash extension is semi-permanent lashes that are glued to your natural lashes. Professional artists place these lashes individually using lash adhesive.

2. How to Prepare for Eyelash Extensions?

Before your appointment, always ensure that there is no eye makeup around your eye area. Always clean your eye area properly. If you use any waterproof mascara, do not apply this a couple of days before your lash extensions. Otherwise, this may cause some problems during the lash extension procedure.

3. Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

If the lashes are applied by an expert professional, the eyelash extensions service in Perth is extremely safe. Professionals use medical-grade tape and hypoallergenic gel pads, which reduce the chances of allergic reactions. So, it is safe to choose a reputable salon to create a breath-taking lash look.

4. Where Can I Get Eyelash Extensions?

You need to make an appointment with a trained lash artist to get eyelash extensions done. The extension process takes 60 to 90 minutes or sometimes two hours to apply the lashes. But the result will satisfy you and last for months or even more.

Hopefully, the FAQs mentioned above have cleared up the queries you had. If you want to invest in the eyelash extensions service in Perth, always hire a professional salon. Professional techs ensure you get the gorgeous look that you always desired. And you can get thick, luscious, long lashes. For more info, stay in touch!


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