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Want Eyelash Extensions to Enhance Your Beauty?

If you're looking for damage free, money well spent eyelash extensions with the desire look you've always wanted, you're in the right place.

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Opening Hours

Mon: 9.30am-1.30pm, 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Wed: 9.30am-1.30pm, 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Thu: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Fri: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Sat: 8:00am -9:30pm


Our Story

Lust For Beauty Perth is proud to have helped countless people look and feel their personal best.

After receiving one of our customized services, many clients recommend friends and family who also visit us. We’re happy to share some of our clients feedback and invite you to reach out today. 

Lust For Beauty Perth is operated and run by Sandy who is experienced and specialized in lashes, brows and skin rejuvenation treatments.

She is fully qualified and has received multiple certifications with prestigious trainers to make sure every client has the most gorgeous look they have always wanted.


3D-4D Volume Set

The 3D-4D Volume Set consists of 3 to 4 Silk lashes on one natural lash.

Every fan is handmade during the application to the appropriate thickness and length to suit each of your natural eyelash.

This is our most popular service for people who dont like the dramatic look but like something in between, not too full just enough fluff to keep people guessing whether your lashes are real?

Duration: vary as we do 100% coverage


Black Diamond Individual flat lashes

The black diamond individual flat lashes consist of one flat lash on one natural lash.

For people who have never had eyelash extensions before or just after a mascara look.

They are lighter weight, have better bonding and more impact than the traditional classic lashes.

Duration: vary as we do 100% coverage

The black diamond flat lashes❤_#lustforl

5D-6D Volume set

The 5D-6D Volume Set consists of 5 to 6 fine silk lashes on one natural lash. Fuller, fluffier, darker effect than the 3D-4D volume set.

Every fan is handmade during the application to the appropriate thickness and length to suit each of your natural eyelash.

Duration: vary as we do 100% coverage

My beautiful client Fiona is flying out

Hybrid set

A perfect combination of volume and classic.

For people who love the texture of individual lashes and also like to add a bit of fluff to have a fuller look.

Upgrade your classic set to a hybrid set today and you wont be disappointed.

Duration: vary as we do 100% coverage

Another hybrid set for summer time❤_#lus

Kim K Style lashes

You can choose the fullness you desire for in between Hybrid, 3D-4D, or 5D-6D with no extra charge.
A spiky unique look to stand out from the crowd.


Mega Volume

The mega volume set consists of 8 to 16 very fine silk lashes on one natural lash to create these mega love lashes for special occasions and longer lasting than other lash sets.

Every fan is handmade during the application to the appropriate thickness and length to suit each of your natural eyelash.

p.s. You must have strong healthy lashes to support the weight.

Duration: vary as we do 100% coverage

Do you not miss the time you had eyelash

Brow Lamination

The latest and most exciting treatment to hit the beauty industry, providing a painless solution for eyebrows that don't have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern, and after this treatment every hair stands to attention, giving a result very similar to the full and feathery effect of microblading, but without any needling or pain.


Bespoke Styling and Patch Test

If you have never had eyelash extensions before, a patch test 24 hours prior to the appointment is required.

The fee will be deducted from your full set cost at the appointment.

Duration: 30 minutes

Model with dewy makeup


The removal is free of charge when a full set of eyelash extensions is booked with us. 

Please be advised that if your eyelashes take longer than 30 minutes to remove due to too much glue an additional fee will be charged.

Duration: 30 minutes

Blue eye on grey background

Mermaid Lashes Classic Set 

Classic lashes but look like volume ones?

Long lasting and fuller affect than the normal classic set.

Classic revolution, try our Mermaid lashes today, only available at Lust For Lashes Perth.

Duration: vary as we do 100% coverage


The Pixie Flick

The Pixie Flick is a quick one hour extension set for the mascara lover that wants her makeup to stand out like never before.
Designed for the girl that doesnt want to lay for hours getting extensions but wants the wow factor from her daily mascara wear.
This unique set is a first worldwide and is paired with the best mascara on the market Elleebanas elleevate.
Specially formulated with keratin, biotin and arganine which strengthen lashes and promote growth.
This set has no refills and is booked as you see fit to add omph to your makeup routine.
Ps. Mascara cost is not included but can be purchased at your appointment.


brow artistry dye

Create a long lasting hair tint and tattoo-like powder brow skin stain effect.


Lash lift & tint

Toss your lash curler and get longer-looking lashes without the need for extensions. This ultra-low maintenance lash treatment can last up to 6 weeks.

Eyelash Plucking


The Answers You Need

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

No- we apply eyelash extensions taking special care to ensure that they are all applied individually and correctly to maintain your eyelash health.

To ensure the ongoing health of your lashes, we highly recommend that you take the advice of the technician regarding the maximum thickness and length that would be appropriate long-term for your natural lashes. 

Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.

Don’t try to remove the eyelash extensions yourself – as this could easily damage your natural lashes, as the adhesive bond is extremely strong.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

They can last up to five to six weeks until the last extension fall out. However, if you wish to maintain them, it is advisable to have refills applied approximately every 2-4 weeks( depending on how well you take care of them and your natural lash cycle.)

How long your eyelash extensions last depends almost entirely on how you care for them(i.e. by removing makeup correctly, not wearing mascara, not using oily products on your face, and not tugging/pulling at your eyelash extensions).

Most of our clients only need refills every 3-4 weeks and still have at least 1/3 lashes left for refills.

Will eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?

No – once your eyelash extensions are applied, they will feel just like your normal lashes – you shouldn’t feel any difference. The eyelash extension is bonded to the actual lash, not your eyelid skin, so it feels just like your normal lashes. One extension is applied to each lash individually, so your eyelashes can move freely. You should be careful not to roughly rub your eyes though, as this can damage the extensions could make them a little uncomfortable.

The reason why I don't like refilling ot

Lash Tip

If you’ve ever had eyelash extensions that feel like they’re pulling at your skin, sore spots along your lid line or like you have match sticks attached to your lashes it’s more than likely because the stylist has attached extensions to your skin instead of to your natural lashes. Not good.

Or equally as bad, they have glued multiple extensions to multiple natural lashes which can result in severely damaged lashes. This is because each of our natural lashes grows at a different rate so when there is an extension that is attached to several lashes they can literally rip your natural lashes out as they grow! OUCH!

This is why Eyelash Extensions should only ever be applied by an experienced professional. Continued poor lash extension application can cause irreparable damage to your natural lashes and they may not grow back.

Your eye health is far too important to take unnecessary risks so research your Lash Salon options carefully before deciding who to make an appointment with.

To get the best out of your brow treatment:

*Do not use waterproof brow makeup for two days before your treatment
*Please keep your brows dry and products-free for 24 hours to create the best skin stain
*When cleansing your face, wipe around your brows to get the longest lasting skin stain
*When swimming apply a little oil or barrier cream to your brows to stop the chlorine  and salt from prematurely lightening your brows
*Avoid scrubbing your brows with exfoliants
*Avoid applying any resurfacing serums over your brows
*Avoid heat, sun bath, swimming and sweats for 24-48 hours after brow lamination treatment

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