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Tips to Keep Your Natural Lashes Healthy while Wearing Extensions

Do you know Australian women spend up to an immense $3,600 each on beauty yearly? According to research, “it includes everything from false lashes to makeup, to massages and haircuts and averages out to $300 a month.

However, it is hard to go back once you live life with luxurious long lashes. And the good news is you don’t have to! You can maintain the health of your natural lashes while reaping the benefits of beautiful lash extensions with proper care. Keep reading our blog for efficient tips! Here you go!

Contact Certified Lash Technicians

Generally, damage to natural lashes occurs due to improper application or your professional selects extensions that are too long or heavy for your natural lashes. As trusted eyelash technicians, we always suggest our clients get the health of their natural lashes checked. So we can recommend a suitable style for them.

However, at our clinic, we always ensure you get served with the best technicians having thousands of hours of lashing experience.

Use Lash Boosting Serum

Always remember that your lashes need just as much TLC as you give your hair. In this case, you may choose a top-rated and skin-friendly lash-boosting serum to promote hair growth and keep your lashes strong and healthy. If you choose us for your next lash extension, we would suggest the best serum for your natural lashes. For more details, visit our Instagram page now!

Do not Tug or Pull Your Extensions!

This bad habit makes your lashes weak, and they prematurely fall out. The more you touch, pull or tug on your eyelash extensions, the weaker your extensions will become. Pulling them out early makes your natural lash come with it, causing damage to your lash line. Instead, use our lash cleanser and brush to clean them gently.

Be Mindful of How You Sleep

Your sleeping posture can also influence the longevity of your lash extension. Well! Sleeping on your face may damage your lash extension and injure your natural lashes. You may invest in a lash contour sleep mask to protect your lashes. Pillowcase fabrics (especially cotton) have stray fibres that can tug at your lashes and make them a mess. So, sleep on a silk pillowcase as opposed to a cotton one. Visit our Facebook for more details.

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Cleaning your eyelashes is essential to maintain the health of your natural lashes. Wash your lashes regularly with a gentle, oil-free cleanser to avoid debris build-up on your extensions.

In this case, you may use a cotton tip around your lash line while removing your eye makeup. So, ensure you keep them clean but are super gentle during the process. Therefore, you can maintain both your natural lashes and extensions.

Wrapping Up!

Never forego the health of your lashes while having eyelash extensions. With the proper care and attention, you can keep your natural lashes healthy while wearing beautiful lash extensions.


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