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Little Known Secrets on Professional Eyelash Extensions in Perth

Willing to get your lashes done? Overwearing mascara can make you look like a fuzzball. Have you ever been envious of how other ladies, especially celebrities, maintain their luscious, attractive eyes? Well, they’re all about their professional eyelash extensions in Perth. A report says, “women in Australia usually spend about $3,600 on the beauty industry annually.” It shows how passionate they are about achieving the perfect look and how far they can go to maintain your beauty.

However, we will show you a few secrets to explore before you go for this service. So, you can be all ready to enjoy this lash extension with the utmost pleasure. Here you go!

How to Get Prepared for Lash Extension Service in Perth?

Following the preparation tips for lash extension is a must, especially if you want to make this procedure more enjoyable. So, explore the tips!

  • Take a shower before coming to our lash studio, and take off all your makeup.

  • Make sure you arrive at the studio with a clear face and loose garments.

  • Avoid contact lenses and wear glasses, at least for the appointment day.

  • Do not forget to consult with our professionals to convey your specific requirements

  • Follow the additional guide our professionals will give you.

Types of Lash Extensions You May Try to Create an Attractive Look

You probably do not know about the numerous lash extensions available. Don’t worry! We have brought a list of the best types of lashes you may try. Our highly trained professionals strive to bring a smile to your face after you see the ultimate result. Let’s start with the types!

3D-4D Volume Set

The 3D-4D Volume Set comprises 3 to 4 silk lashes on one natural lash. You will be glad to know that every fan is handmade during the application to the thickness and length to suit each of your natural eyelashes.

Black Diamond Individual flat lashes

It is an alluring set comprising one flat lash on one natural lash. This set is ideal for people who have never had eyelash extensions before or just after a mascara look.

5D-6D Volume set

The fuller, fluffier, darker effect of 5D-6D volume is apt for people looking for something luxurious and eye-catching. Its mesmerising look will bring you showers of compliments.

Hybrid set

It perfectly combines volume and classic and gives the texture of individual lashes, adding a bit of fluff to create a fuller look. Do you need this look? Schedule a date now!

Mega Volume

This set has 8 to 16 fine silk lashes on one natural lash to create these mega love lashes for special occasions and is longer lasting than other lash sets.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, you have understood what you have to take care of and what you will get from our lash studio in Perth. We ensure you get the most suitable service to enhance your natural beauty. So, look no further and book your appointment now. Or read more blogs to know about our other services!

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