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4 Things Your Lash Artist Wants you to Know Before Your Appointment!

So, have you booked your eyelash extension appointment? How exciting! With this trending treatment, you can start your day without those strip lashes and copious amounts of mascara. But there are many things you need to know to prepare for your appointment. So, if you have no idea how to prepare yourself, this blog post can help you. Here are four things a lash artist wants you to know to make your lash extension process stress-free. So, read on to learn more!

What are Things That Your Lash Artist Wants to Tell you?

1. Be on Time for Your Lash Appointment

Time is gold, and you should remember that your lash artist is running a serious business. She chooses a specific time for you that matches her schedule. So, when you book a session, your lash artist will give you a scheduled day and time regarding your appointment. So, always reach their location at least 5 to 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.

2. Clean Your Face Properly

Most lash artists have their policy consent form for you to fill up, and they will explain the do's and don'ts before, during, and after the appointment. Please clarify all your doubts and understand everything fully.

Also, most lash artists ask you to remove all the makeup, like eye shadows, eyeliners or anything else. If you visit the salon with makeup and dirty lashes, they can charge you an extra fee to clean your face.

3. Don't Drink Any Caffeine

When you drink coffee, your eye, leg and sometimes body do the twitching thing. Caffeine or coffee will not help you relax for the entire session.

Avoid consuming caffeinated or any kinds of energy drinks 3 hours before your most awaited eyelash extension appointment. For more tips like this one, you can check our Instagram page.

4. Have Patience

Remember, anything beautiful and eye-catching takes time to achieve. Before booking your appointment for an eyelash extension, your lash artist informed you that the process would take hours to complete. So, another thing your lash artist wants you to know is you need to have patience. If you want the best result, let them take their time to do their work.

In a Nutshell!

So, good luck with your lash extension appointment. Be sure to remember the things mentioned above. You can share your thoughts in the comment below. Also, you can follow our Facebook page for more info!


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